The Arison Maritime Center CSMART


The CSMART Academy features state-of-the-art equipment and instructional tools to provide deck and engineering officers with a superior maritime training experience that will foster critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and confidence. The CSMART Academy offers four full-mission bridge simulators, eight part-task bridge simulators, four full-mission engine rooms with 12 virtual engine rooms and 24 part-task engine simulators. Additionally, there are 16 full-service instructional classrooms and eight de-briefing rooms of various sizes. The simulators provide a wide array of programming and simulated exercises for various maritime scenarios. Next to 12 cruise ship¬†models, the simulators contain 60 sailing areas and ports around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Singapore, Stockholm and Glacier Bay, Alaska that are specific for Carnival Corporation’s cruise vessels.

Full Mission Bridge Simulators

Our four Full Mission Bridge Simulators are designed for comprehensive training and appraisal for all bridge officers. Entire berth to berth operations can be exercised, including realistic shift of operation to bridge wings and realistic (un)berthing from the bridge wings. The simulator bridges replicate the bridges of the latent cruise ships built for the Carnival Corporation fleet, including a safety center behind each bridge replicating the on board version. The simulators are equipped with 220 degrees horizontal field of view with two additional sets of bridge wings with dome projection, each with a 180 degree field of view. The visual environment delivered in the package contains a large number of area databases of major cruise ports, numerous mathematical ship models of various cruise vessels. The operator can easily change sea and weather conditions and include traffic ships, aircraft and even marine life. Each bridge includes an interface with the bridge on board Carnival Corporation vessels.

Part-Task Bridge Simulators

Six part-task bridge simulators have a 120 degrees horizontal field of view and two part-task bridges have a 180 degrees field of view provide for specific operations training and appraisal. The visual environment delivered in the package contains a large number of area databases of major cruise ports, numerous mathematical ship models of various cruise vessels with the ability to change sea and weather conditions and include traffic ships, aircraft and even marine life.

Full Mission Engine Room Simulators

The four Full Mission Engine Room Simulators facilitate exercises in all phases of Engine Control Room and Engine Room operation. The Engine Room is represented by ground breaking interactive multi-modal machinery outstations that represent the systems and equipment in the engine room. The ECR/ER emulates the complex control and automation systems found onboard the ships. Normal operations are fully simulated, including all environmental controls such as exhaust emissions, dual fuel operations, ballast water treatment and oil pollution prevention. Emergency situations are exercised through practicing existing ship emergency procedures in the simulator.

Part-Task Engine Room Simulators

The part-task simulators have the same functionality as the full mission simulators with the control system, engine room systems and control panels represented on different screens. The part-task simulators can be operated in the stand alone or in group mode.

Control Rooms

The control rooms, equipped with an Integrated Voice Communication System allow instructors via a single touch screen to monitor and interact with any radio or telephone communication on the bridges and engine rooms. The touch screen also utilizes an Integrated Video Matrix System, allowing the instructors to dedicate the slave back monitors to any visual channel from the theater, instrument screen, CCTV screen or video surveillance channel on the bridge.

Electrical Training Workshop Rooms

CSMART has two electrical training workshop rooms to train technical officers how to cope with the enormous amount of electricity used on board. All the procedures can be put up on the different screens to ensure a safe handling of the energy running through the ship and an adequate and quick resolution in the unfortunate case of for example a power failure. Moreover, various equipment such as different levels of PPE, wiring stations and control panels are used to train on safe electrical operation aboard cruise vessels.

Virtual Engine Rooms

In the 12 Virtual Engine Rooms a completely virtual machinery space is created. High tech 'gamification' with 3D engine compartments walk-through is used as well as usage of avatars controlled via large touchscreens or gaming controller to ensure realistic situational training for engine room and machinery functions. We can completely separate three people at the time to involve all together in a joined training exercises. Every room is connected to the engine room simulator through the touchscreens and a radiophone. Participants learn to improve communication and how to work as a team through different exercises.

De-briefing rooms

The eight briefing rooms are equipped with an Integrated Video Matrix System, which facilitates replay of any monitors of the applied CCTV, recording everything on the bridges and engine room, and therefore providing the center with unrivaled debriefing capabilities for training as well as port studies. The briefing rooms vary in size so you can either train and brief one specific team or combine nautical and engine teams.

Class rooms

There are 16 class rooms to educate and discuss theory during the training. Each room is equipped with a large interactive touch screen to highlight and discuss study material and show clips to evaluate the different exercises during the training. The rooms are extremely flexible in set-up. They provide a space where learning and teaching can take place without interruptions by external distractions.


CSMART has its own hotel to accommodate participants during their training. The CSMART Hotel is located next to the training center and has a capacity of 176 rooms. The hotel offers the participants free WiFi, a live cooking restaurant and a cocktail bar and a well equipped gym. All rooms have an amazing panoramic view, a large quality double bed, an interactive HD smart television, a spacious business desk, a wardrobe and a bathroom with a walk-in rain shower.