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Port Studies

Nautical Risk Assessment Studies

Carnival Corporation & plc. Group has developed and implemented a risk assessment program to research and evaluate navigationally challenging ports around the world. CSMART’s port study team conducts around 20 bridge simulator assisted Port Risk Assessments per year. The general aim of a port study is to determine the level of risk of a specific class of cruise ship while entering and leaving a specific port. Moreover, a port study results in sharing knowledge and best practices, and provides critical information and supporting evidence by reporting and disseminating the findings.








Mooring Studies

CSMART’s port study team also does Mooring Analysis Studies for cruise berths. Mooring analysis is conducted for various possible ship-berth arrangements in a port leading to identification of risks related to mooring and to assess the limiting environmental conditions for mooring. The numerical modeling is carried out by using the OPTIMOOR software. The outcome of the mooring analysis are forces in the mooring lines, bollards and fenders and the ship motions.








Port Study Team

CSMART has a dedicated port study team which includes Senior Officer from Carnival fleet, Naval Architect, Civil Engineer, 3D Artist, Bathymetry and ENC specialist.

External subject matter experts (SMEs) are involved in each port study. SMEs come from diverse backgrounds:
o Active pilots
o Retired pilots
o Ex-cruise ship captains
o Retired cruise ship captains
o ECDIS and Risk assessment experts from the maritime industry

Local Port Authority representatives and Pilots are invited to CSMART to participate in the study. In past 3 years, 45 pilots and 23 representatives of port and pilot authorities from port around the world have visited CSMART to attend various port studies.

Captains and senior officers from Carnival’s fleet join each port study as bridge teams.






Main Outcomes

All the findings are reported and disseminated across Carnival fleet, local pilots and port authorities thus providing decision makers with critical information and supporting evidence.

The main outcomes of port study program at CSMART are:
• Pilotage plans created together by captains and local pilots
• Mooring plans created by mooring engineer by involving captains and port engineers
• Shared mental model/best practices between bridge team, pilots and port authority
• Evidenced based guidance in case of Go – No Go situations
• Navigation and mooring conducted according to pre-determined parameters
• Reduced risk of nautical operations

For any query regarding Port Studies, please contact:
Karan Bhawsinka, M.Eng.
Port Study Manager

T: +31 (0)36 310 7074