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  2. CSMART Academy Earns SAFETY4SEA Training Award

    For second consecutive year, world’s largest cruise company’s world-renowned maritime training, professional development and research facility is recognized for safety, sustainability and operational training excellence, underscoring commitment to safety as top priority.

  3. Developing pilotage plans on bridge simulators: Benefits and challenges (SAFETY4SEA)

    Captain Hans Hederström, Managing Director at Center for Simulator Maritime Training, CSMART, and Karan Bhawsinka, Port Study Manager, CSMART outline how CSMART attempts to develop pilotage plans on a bridge simulator together with bridge teams and local port pilots.

  4. Team-Based Cruise Ship Operations (SAFETY4SEA)

    Captain Hans Hederström, Managing Director at Center for Simulator Maritime Training, CSMART, and John Ritchie, Learning Management System manager, CSMART talk about the bridge organisation. They say that traditionally ships’ bridges are strong hierarchical organisations, however, this factor has contributed to a number of accidents. For this reason, Captain Hederström and Mr. Ritchie present a different type of bridge organisation.

  5. CSMART Academy Receives SAFETY4SEA Training Award

    CSMART Academy is recognized for excellence in maritime safety training by SAFETY4SEA, further validating world’s largest cruise company’s deep commitment to safety as its top priority.

  6. Sharing Mental Models

    Although this article was already published in Seaways, The Nautical Institute Magazine in June 2018, the Swedish Shipping Gazette published this important insight on the importance of sharing mental models on the bridge too.

  7. Visit American National Transport Safety Board

    The American National Transportation Safety Board visited the CSMART Academy in August to discuss various safety topics.

  8. Bahamas Government Ministries visit CSMART (Source: The Bahamas Weekly)

    Ministery of Labor and Local Government Ministries visit Carnival Cruise Lines’ Training Facility, CSMART, in The Netherlands.

  9. CSMART calls for a culture of continuous professional development

    While the voting procedure for the 2018 SAFETY4SEA Awards is open, Capt. Hans Hederström, Managing Director of CSMART, shares a few words about the training center which has been shortlisted for the ‘Training’ category alongside a number of other distinguished nominees. Taking into consideration today’s training needs, CSMART offers online distance learning tools before the actual training, bridging the gap between theory and practice. For the future of maritime training, a key challenge could be how to cultivate knowledge beyond compliance, Capt. Hederström mentions, due to increased operational complexity and emerging risks.

  10. CSMART shortlisted for the SAFETY4SEA Training Award 2018

    CSMART Academy has been shortlisted for the SAFETY4SEA Training Award! The online voting process is open until Friday, September 7, 2018. If you would like to support our nomination, please cast your vote and spread the news.