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Coaching for training and development (Seaways Magazine)

Coaching is a form of training and/or development where an experienced individual supports a ‘learner’ in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. In the maritime
context, coaching is mainly used to enhance and develop performance of individuals, but it can also be applied to teams in specific situations or events. Coaching is an extremely useful training tool for the development and support of officers.

In the article, Captain Hans Hederström, who played a key role in establishing the CSMART Academy in 2008 and was for many years its managing director, gives an important precis of the
critical role of coaching. As you read and reflect on Hans’ important work, it may stimulate questions on how you are fostering a culture of lifelong learning in your organisation and how you are enabling coaching and mentoring as a proven tool for the development and retention of professional mariners at all levels.

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