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Steps to creating safety (Source: SAFETY4SEA)

There is no fast track elevator to safety; you will have to take the stairs, step by step to increase your safety as we have successfully done in Carnival Corporation during last decade.
Back in 2008, we started only with a traditional bridge organization, meaning that a master was giving out his orders, taking all the decisions, dismissing most of the time all technology on the ship and the bridge team as well. What we discovered was that resources were not optimally utilized. We also realized that sometimes the bridge team might have thoughts like ‘I wouldn’t have done it that way,’ or ‘He is the master so he must know something I don’t, so I should not say anything’. Even today many of the incidents stem from this lack of intervention. This kind of bridge organization, with the master in front of the bridge team tends to make officers passive by-standers. Therefore, we had to do something about this organization and our suggestion at that time was to move into an organizationally based Safety Management System. We call it the ‘Role Based Bridge Organization’, where we co-ordinate teamwork.

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