Arison Maritime Center CSMART

About the Arison Maritime Center, home of CSMART Academy

The Arison Maritime Center, home of CMSART Academy is owned and operated by Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise company with 10 global cruise brands that collectively sail to more than 700 ports of call.

CSMART Academy established itself as a world-class training center for safety and excellence in maritime operations. It features the most advanced simulator equipment, technology and instructional tools, providing participants with superior training experiences that emphasize critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.

CSMART Academy sets a high standard for progressive training protocols for all officers. The staff and faculty have helped pioneer ground-breaking advances – including Carnival Corporation’s role-based bridge and engineering organisation.

Building on the CSMART Academy’s legacy of training excellence, in July 2016 Carnival Corporation expanded its training operations with the opening of the Arison Maritime Center, a spectacular, state-of-the-art campus featuring the CSMART Academy and the CSMART Hotel.

CSMART Academy features the most advanced bridge and engine room simulator technology and equipment available, with enough space to complete rigorous annual professional training for the company's 6,500 deck and engineering officers. The facility is unique in the world for training and continually improving industry-wide safety and excellence.

CSMART Academy features four full-mission bridge simulators including bridge wings, four full-mission engine room simulators, eight smaller part-task bridge simulators, 16 part-task engine room simulators and a hotel for trainees.

Our mission

CSMART’s mission is to be a leader in developing and delivering  the best professional training in the maritime industry.
In support of its mission CSMART Academy shall:
  • Provide high quality maritime training services for industry-wide safety, sustainability and operational excellence.
  • Develop flexible training courses that optimize learning and maximize cost-effectiveness.
  • Research and develop training courses to meet the changing needs and regulations within the maritime industry.
  • Provide the latest simulation and training equipment relevant to each course.
  • Use stringent quality assurance criteria to determine the concepts and procedures for our training courses.
  • Ensure that our faculty provides up-to-date, relevant, practical and effective maritime training.